This is anger, this is envy, this are all the human emotions which we hide inside ourselves, which are eating us out alive, everything that we hate and what we can’t rid of. This is combination of the all the emotions related to the one simple object ‘’the thigNs which we can’t have’’. 
The use of acrylic is on the point again, the moves of the brush are sharp and strict, we can feel the emotions of the artist while painting this painting, the angry side, the frustration, everything thank a human being can feel and see this put on the canvas. 
The angry face is the center of the attention, the feeling like the whole body will jump out of the canvas and kill us, or yell at us... 

The colors are also toxic and strong, shades of yellow and green usually happy colors and bright, but here transformed into pure envious cocktail of poison. 

why are still here?
sCroll down

there is

the real

she is angry period.


no instagram!!!

This is fine art

not a place for anxiety

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what twitter?

if you wanna see twitter go to the woods and search for twitter!

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