Purple is royal here! Everything is purple, purple face, eyes, background, lips...the whole image is smoking in dry shades of pastel purple. 
The painting is filled with the emotions, and mixed with expressionistic colors it demonstrates the one feeling ‘’right before the waterfalls’’  
Technique used in this work is the old-fashioned dry pastel, typical for the artists, which prefers the most this type of colors. What better than dry pastels to be used for the explosion of the colors?  

HE is sad depressed his girlfriend/boyfriend left him big deal! HE IS JUST DARKENING THE MOOD...
Come on the real exHibition is waiting!!!


no instagram!!!

This is fine art

not a place for anxiety

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facebook...don't make me laugh here we are not spying people!

what twitter?

if you wanna see twitter go to the woods and search for twitter!

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